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Cannabidiol (CBD) Diabetes Research

CBDOilresearchIn animal trials, one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), was shown to significantly reduce both pro-inflammatory cytokines in the bloodstream and the incidence of diabetes in non-obese mice (Weiss, et al., 2006). Later, those same researchers followed up with a similar study, but with rodents that were either in a latent diabetes stage or with initial symptoms of diabetes and found that CBD was effective at curtailing the manifestations of the disease. Only 30% of the CBD-treated mice ended up developing diabetes (Weiss, et al., 2008). Research has also found that CBD treatments in rats for one to four weeks received significant protection from diabetic retinopathy (El-Remessy, et al., 2006).


CBD and THC act upon the cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) of the endocannabinoid system, which stimulates anti-inflammatory and analgesic responses. Because of cannabis’ anti-inflammatory effects, researchers have concluded that it can serve as a viable therapeutic option in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, like diabetes (Croxford & Yamamura, 2005). One study found that administering CBD weakened oxidative stress, inflammation, cell death and fibrosis, suggesting that it possesses great therapeutic potential (Rajesh, et al., 2010). An animal study found that action on the CB1 receptor decreased non-fasting plasma glucose, improved glycemic response to glucose and enhanced insulin sensitivity (Irwin, Hunter, Frizzell & Flatt, 2008).

Cannabis can also assist in the management of pain associated with diabetes.


See more at: http://medicalmarijuanainc.com/diabetes-medical-marijuana-research/#sthash.ZXBR4KAe.dpuf




  1. Donald Terry Donald Terry
    May 21, 2016    


    My wife is cancer free now after 4 years of bullshit with the Canadian and American medical systems. Never again will I put life in the hands of such medical doctors and health workers. They are not trying to help you and they are trying to suck money out of you then kill you with drugs “cancer fighting” poisons, surgeries and chemotherapy.My wife started to use cannabis oil after i was told she will die in a few months. I saw online where National Cancer Institute acknowledges that cannabis oil will kill cancer completely and i contacted the institute and i was directed to where i could get high grade quality cannabis oil. My wife started ingesting about a half gram to a gram a day. Within 2 months and the cancer started to retreat. (breast cancer) She is now cancer free and it only took 3 months with the oil. she was using chemo and radiation for years before discovering cannabis oil and we told our doctor about the cannabis oil, My doctor said he can not comment on the use of cannabis and its effect on cancer. Although he saw that my wife cancer was cured with cannabis oil.
    At this point, anyone who claims cannabis oil doesn’t have some impact on killing cancer cells is in a serious state of denial. I just can’t wait until this widely acknowledged truth is on an official level and we can see cannabis oil properly researched for further focused benefits.

    • HempOilFacts.com HempOilFacts.com
      May 22, 2016    

      Donald, I am so happy for you and your wife. Way to go! I understand how you feel. Such healing power yet cannabis, and hemp are all vilified. This plant is ancient and was used by humans thousands of years ago, until recently. Thank you for sharing your testimonial and the details. The dosage seems a little high, i read of using 1-5mg per kg of body weight for cancer. But if you have it, and it feels good, every body is different, I would probably increase my dose if i had cancer as well. I love reading testimonials. Congrats! keep spreading the awareness, that is what I am doing with this website… the good news for some of us in states where cannabis is illegal is that we can get cbd-rich hemp oil, a cannabis that is selectively cultivated to be low in THC and high in CBD, so you get the health without the high, or legal issues.

    • Jade McNagger Jade McNagger
      May 23, 2016    

      I am actually very curious to learn the science behind this method. If you have any resources or anything please let me know. I find it interesting and would like to dive deeper into the understanding and mechanics of CBD.

      • HempOilFacts.com HempOilFacts.com
        May 24, 2016    

        Jade, I share your interest. As I find, read and write about these things I will post them here on this website so visit periodically for more posts. Check out the Research category… more is on the way!