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U.S. House Voted to Increase Veterans...

U.S. House Voted to Increase Veterans Access to Medical Marijuana

May 19, 2016 U.S. House just voted (233 to 189) to prevent the VA from spending money to enforce a current policy that prohibits its government doctors from filling out medical marijuana recommendation forms in states where the drug is legal. The policy states: “It is Veterans Health Administration policy to prohibit Department of Veterans […]

How Can I Save on CBD oil? Coupons? ...

How Can I Save on CBD oil?  Coupons?  Wholesale?

If you purchase at a retail store you pay full retail prices and taxes. Ways to save: 1- Purchase online, unfortunately CBD products are not found on amazon or other large supplement stores. You can find them on ebay. eBay would be the best place for competitive pricing, but you have a couple risks there, […]

Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) Product Approv...

Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) Product Approved by Brazilian Government for Treatment of cancer

Below is an excerpt from a news article: In a stunning medical breakthrough for humanity, a hemp cannabidiol (CBD) product from Medical Marijuana, Inc [the parent company of Kannaway]. has been approved by the government of Brazil as a treatment for cancer. The product, called Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), is also approved by Brazil as […]

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ Now Availab...

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ Now Available in Brazil for Cancer Patients with Doctor’s Prescription

May 6, 2016 Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) received approval from ANVISA, the Brazilian health authority, for its fourth indication, cancer, for patients with a doctor’s prescription. The following information is presented for educational purposes only. Medical Marijuana Inc. provides this information to provide an understanding of current events and the potential applications of cannabinoids. […]