Examining the Health Effects of Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabinoids & Terpenes; natural constituents found in whole Hemp oil. Hemp has been utilized for centuries as food and medicine. CBD Hemp Oil delivers health benefits without the "high". Many consider CBD to be the single most important cannabiniod ever discovered. HempOilFacts.com helps you feed your starving endocannabinoid system, and empower yourself (and others). Share the knowledge!


About the website owner:

In favor of full disclosure I’d like to mention that I am affiliated with Medical Marijuana Inc (MJNA) (i.e HempMeds, Kannaway, Revive, Defined, Dixie Botanicals), BlueBird Botanical, and a couple producers and wholesales of CBD oil, as a distributor, educator, ‘ambassador’, and CBD oil advocate. I am also a business and marketing coach.

Besides the amazing line of product offering by Kannaway, I am also able to get you bulk CBD oil from a couple sources.  I make some herbal tinctures and chocolate which can be infuse with CBD on demand.

I also am the founder of the CBD Oil Advocates of MN. In Minnesota, the general public is currently lacking in awareness of the availability or legality of CBD, and where the medical marijuana program is not accessible to most people who need it, and is very costly to utilize. CBD Hemp oil offers people the power of healing without the high, the legal restrictions, the need for permits, or an Rx, and is more acceptable than recreational plans.

I’m a health researcher, stress reduction coach, health coach, hair loss researcher, chronic pain researcher, hobby farmer, artist, web-master, online affiliate marketer, IT project manager, IT Systems Admin, and IT knowledge-base engineer.   I hold a bachelors in Computer Science and a minor in Math and Chemistry. A life-long student of herbalism, psychology, mind-body connection, nutrition, permaculture farming, and alchemy.

I recently decided to become  brand Ambassador with Kannaway, I loved their products (especially Revive Pro), so I joined, especially that I get certain incentives and tools that will help me with advocacy while creating a residual income. If you live in MN contact me to join my Minnesota CBD advocacy group, we are known by “CBD advocates of MN

Hemp and CBD oil from hemp is an easy, straight forward, legal solution that doesn’t requite an Rx.   MJNA was the first company in the US to import and make available CBD products!   I am bringing some help to those who need it but lack the awareness of CBD.


About Hemp Oil Facts .com

This website is on a mission to collect and share research and proof of the benefits of CBD. The amount of research, studies, trials, testimonials online is overwhelming.  I am sifting through it and adding it to this site / Hemp Oil Facts

This website exists to educate and empower.  This is an advocacy website that aims at educating and spreading awareness.



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