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What is Hemp? Vimeo video


This video was posted on Vimeo on January 2016 Hemp Oil is high in CBD and very low <0.3% in THC, delivers the health benefits without the high A study by the International Association of Plant Taxonomy explained that marijuana and hemp are both of the same genus (cannabis) and species (sativa), but hemp by […]

Hemp vs. Marijuana (Seed and Cultivat...

Hemp vs. Marijuana (Seed and Cultivation)

Seed Although they are both of the complex cannabis genus, the differences between marijuana and hemp are many, and start with the seeds: Marijuana strains have been bred to have elevated THC and low CBD hemp oil, whereas hemp is bred to be just the opposite. Cultivation The ways in which marijuana and hemp are […]

Why Does The Government Consider Hemp...

Why Does The Government Consider Hemp To Be Different From Marijuana?

Many people use the terms “industrial hemp” or “commercial hemp” so it is clear that they are not referring to the “marijuana” variety of cannabis (since “hemp” is sometimes used as a slang term or marijuana). In very basic terms, marijuana is cultivated explicitly for drug production, whereas hemp is grown for fiber, seed and […]

Once Upon a Time in a Rich and Verdan...

Once Upon a Time in a Rich and Verdant Land…

I love to know where my products come from…so here is the story of the whole hemp CBD rich oil that I am using for myself, friends, clients and family.   Personally, I only use Kannaway’s products, not because I am affiliated with them, it is the other way, I became affiliated with Kannaway because […]

Where is Industrial Hemp CBD Oil Sour...

Where is Industrial Hemp CBD Oil Sourced From?

Most (perhaps all) of the CBD oil companies in the US don’t source Hemp from Colorado or California or from within the US due to laws. In order to sell country-wide and worldwide, these companies must abide by the Federal, and not just state laws. Regarding hemp cultivation, the state and federal laws here in the United States are […]

Cannabidiol (CBD) from Industrial Hem...

Cannabidiol (CBD) from Industrial Hemp vs. CBD from Medical Marijuana

The first form of Cannabidiol was extracted from medical marijuana plants. These plants are grown to be high in CBD but have varying amounts of the psychoactive compound THC. They are sold to licensed dispensaries and prescribed by doctors for particular conditions in places where marijuana is regulated. While medical marijuana is grown to be […]