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CBD-Rich Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil

HempSeedsOilThis is common question for someone new to CBD research.  How is is CBD hemp oil the same as the Hemp oil (that I can purchase at the grocery store very affordably)?
Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD, CBN, CBC, or any Cannabinoids. It does not contain the benefits of industrial hemp stalk and flower bud (CBD-rich hemp oil). It does contain the benefits of raw natural cold pressed hemp seed which is in-itself very beneficial to the human body, yet definitely not the CBD-rich oil this website is dedicated to educating you about.

Cannabinoids are produced tin the trichomes that are on the surface of the plant material, with the highest concentrations on the female flowers or “Buds”.

The hemp or cannabis seeds are in a natural sheath that form inside the female flowers therefore are free from any of these substances, however they contain tons of vitamin E, amino acids, and fatty acids, that are very beneficial to your health.