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Cannabidiol (CBD) Testimonials pt.1: Fibromyalgia, Pain and Depression

cbd-testimonialsScroll down to read
below a few testimonials
from people who
have used CBD Hemp
Oil products
for fibromyalgia and
other chronic pain



“CBD … Is amazing.. I keep it in my system at all times …. I don’t ever want to be with out it….. Bye bye pharmaceuticals.” – Barbara T.


“No question the release I get from the pain beats anything else. Pain pills and muscle relaxers do almost nothing, they really just make me tired. Cannibis really is the best but I can’t be stoned all day and it’s not legal in New York – cbd is a wonderful alternative. I vape it.” – Rebecca H.



“I’m on day 4 and it WORKS! Yesterday I was virtually pain free. Today is not so good, but a vast difference in where I’ve been.” – Karen M.


“I recently ordered the CBD hemp oil drops 250 mg. So far from what I am experiencing , this product is definitely helping with my chronic pain issues and my anxiety. I really recommend giving this a try.” – Karen L.


“That’s right, no question about it helping. The trouble I have is remembering I have it.” – Carolyn S.


“Hemp CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states and is very reasonably priced compared to medical CBD Oil. It has greatly reduced my fibro symptoms and lowered the degree of pain.” – Pam J.


“Been using CBD oil for a year! Using it I am now off most of my meds! Highly recommend!” – Trudy E.


“I have tried the vaping and found it really helps on the bad days but now that there is someone selling CBD in pill form I going to try that next. Maybe I can have longer lasting results.” – Carol M.


Therapy helped me work through the rage I had at the medical community for ignoring my symptoms. And not all doctors are uncaring of course. Channeling my anger into action through advocacy has helped give my anger and frustration a purpose. And slowly I’ve become a more peaceful person and developed coping mechanisms. Wishing the same for you. These feelings are totally valid and it’s frustrating that good people with lots of potential are stricken with it (and anyone at any age for that matter.) That’s why research and better treatments are so important. These illnesses steal our lives. Completely frustrating. But you can still have a good and fulfilling life with fibro, etc. I found CBD oil to be invaluable and it has changed my life.


“It helps the most out of any medication I have used. I have tried every pain pill, muscle relaxer and all FDA medications for fibromyalgia and nothing or bad reaction.” – Katie T.


“I use CBD oil in a vaporizer (the kind for nicotine) and it seems to help. I use it sparingly since I don’t have a lot of money right now but it takes the edge off.” – Tamsen V.