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Can Pets Consume CBD Oil?

cbd-oil-petsTo find an answer, I looked up a hemp (and CBD oil) pet food product.  It seems Pets can only consume CBD-Rich Hemp oil because THC is dangerous for them to consume anything else for CBD, hemp oil has very low THC making safe for pets
Their website said:

Since our CBD hemp oil is 100% natural, it is completely safe for your pets. Pet Releaf CBD hemp oil also has no psychoactive properties so it will not get your pets “high”. Dogs and cats lack the ability to effectively metabolize THC – the psychoactive element in the marijuana plant. It can be very dangerous to give your pet anything containing any psychoactive levels of THC, such as medical marijuana products now being sold in much of the United States

Source: https://www.petreleaf.com/cbd/pet-releaf-cbd-hemp-oil-facts