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Where is Industrial Hemp CBD Oil Sourced From?

Hemp-vs-Marijuana-213x300Most (perhaps all) of the CBD oil companies in the US don’t source Hemp from Colorado or California or from within the US due to laws. In order to sell country-wide and worldwide, these companies must abide by the Federal, and not just state laws.

Regarding hemp cultivation, the state and federal laws here in the United States are presently contradicting, and to avoid stepping into an ambiguous area of the law, most companies source their hemp from countries that are Industrial Hemp friendly.

This way US companies are able to follow both state and federal law and are able to provide CBD to people all around the world!
It is the hope in this industry that one day we will be able to source Hemp from within the US, but we can’t do this until and if hemp farming becomes fully legalized at the federal level.

Most companies source their CBD oil from locally operated hemp farms all over Europe, including the countries of Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and others. Sourcing Hemp from China is something you do not want, and the good companies avoid Chinese CBD or Hemp.